Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Heartbreaking. Tragic. Christianity has totally saved the human species from the morality that could have saved it.


A nice Young woman, and a middle-aged male stopped as I was working on the vehicle in the parking lot. Drawn by what they assumed the words and the iconography on the vehicle represented. Turns out they are devout christians. It remains beyond my comprehension how the greatest moral author in history, jesus, is nothing more than a sacrificial lamb, literally a piece of flesh and blood, a dumb beast, inanimate stage prop, that was sacrificed so that they can get a condo in the sky for eternity. These were genuinely nice people. We spoke for probably half an hour. Of the thousand and ten prescriptions that Jesus gave us for how to live joyfully none of them held 1 oz of weight with them. Only something made up by John 100 years later, profess Jesus is your lord and savior and then run with by Paul and others, powerful Disciples of the scribes and Pharisees. The rest is history. Madness. 

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Forced marching through the moral cesspool that is the old testament, the torah.

 That humankind has embraced rather than repudiate that terrorist, murderer, capricious, selfish, satanic god of the Old Testament it's about all we need to know about planetary destruction.

My most important offering, ever. What is it about Jesus? Could it be his prescription for the life of ultimate joy, love, peace, and vitality here on earth? I've long thought so. Evermore each breath.

What is it about Jesus? Could it be his prescription for the being of ultimate joy, love, peace, and vitality here on earth? I've long thought so. Evermore each breath.

The occupation of our mind. How do we spend our leisure time? How do we choose to spend our leisure time? Though we do not think of it this way, is it not simply a matter of choosing what we think will be the most positive experience for, occupation of, our mind? Our consciousness?

Jesus, I'm becoming more sure than ever, the fascination he holds for the enviable (Lsgiabeing.com), not the dogmatics, is that he discovered and promoted to us a way of spending all of our time for the ultimate in life, joy, peace, and love.

His entire prescription, which I spend some of each day studying, for the greedy joy of it, is more than a thousand teachings in the gospels here. Jesian.org

The best summary I currently have arrived at and meditate on throughout the day is here.

  • Preventatively maintenaning all service assets
    Inspiring, being inspired, by the kingdom of loving servants
    By example leading others to Kingdom building
    Paying the price of admission for others to enter the kingdom community, everyday
    Pursuing the joy of full effort, nothing more
    Magnifying, glorifying, what creator does, serve the world with goodness
    Being the best possible conduit, glorifier, for Jesus prescribed way of being
    Spending each breath on enlarging the kingdom
    Loving service to all of creation
    Being a prized worker within the Kingdom of serving spirits
    Intimate knowledge of and relationship with Jesus, and Creator
    Being a prized member of the kingdom family of servers
    Kingdom members are spirits. Being that.
    Keep Creator lovingly laughing at my endless pitiful failing efforts
The device I use is one I developed decades ago to accelerate my growth in any new endeavor. By actively engaging myself throughout the day in striving for a numerical rating, 3.5 being a b grade, it does that.

And instead, where I to be rating my experience of joy, loving, life, and peace from -5 to +5 it would be nearly exactly the ratings that you see below. The correlation is nearly perfect for me. And that's the ultimate point. The ultimate way to spend one's life is what Jesus discovered and lived and died to offer to us. He also said, they will not see or hear for fear of being converted and having to change their hearts. And the rest is history. 

Click either image and it should enlarge.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

It has taken two crucifixions of Jesus to save us from being saved as a species by his leap in morality. That he died to bring us. First at the hands of the Jews and romans, and now ongoing by the christians.

 It has taken two crucifixions of Jesus to save us from being saved as a species by his leap in morality. That he died to bring us. First at the hands of the Jews and romans, and now ongoing by the christians.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Call no man your teacher save one, me, Jesus said. And beware false prophets. He did not say, wait for John, Paul, Christianity, Calvin, Luther, Pope x y and z... There can be just one reason to listen to any of these others besides Jesus, you don't like what Jesus had to say. You prefer what they had to say.

The Old Testament god, Hebrew god, is sure as hell not mine.

 These last several days of travel have included forcing myself to listen without vomiting to first book of the Old testament, the first book of the Torah, Genesis. What a disgusting, barbaric, capricious, unstable, unfair, unrighteous tribal God. Of course the world is in flames with with three of the most influential religions with that refuse as a foundation. It is clear to me that Jesus felt similarly and tried to save us from that hideous, vengeful, small-minded, petty, tribal God. Put Christianity quickly rose up to castrate that attempt, and throw us back in the arms of that primitive barbaric tribal God. But Jesus has saved a few of us.

Friday, January 20, 2023

Churchians; Jesus kingdom was not of this world, he never tried to control this world.... And he warned us, in vain do you worship me preaching for doctrine the commandments

Jesus kingdom was not of this world, he never tried to control this world.... And he warned us, in vain do you worship me teaching for doctrine the commandments the doctrine of  men.


Thursday, January 19, 2023

Important update. We're moving on

As early as tomorrow morning the Sol and I are moving on, it's been a longer stay than expected, have gotten a much better closeness to understanding Jesus and through him creator, and have prepared a rather massive reading list, months probably, pursuant to the task.

Sol with a broken axle, and James with very sick lungs,  was laid low but those two months November and December were spent parsing and beginning to study the thousand teachings of Jesus found in the standard gospel but buried under all the dogma and mysticism and other stuff. Http://www.jesian.org Mastering those thousand teachings, making them part of me, so that they are more accessible to me, is maddeningly frustrating but much work has been done so that while I'm traveling in the coming weeks and months I can make that the most important part of my learning process.

Several weeks ago creator began to take some mercy and a pattern began to emerge to James as to what Jesus calls us to do, and because James senses earliest days since the Jesus was correct, and is more sure every day that goes on, James now greedily works to keep himself on that macro path that emerge from his study recently, in its current form below. And it random prompted by his Android during the day, as many as a dozen times a day, and sometimes only three or four, he'll go through this list and rate himself from -5 to +5, is general rating is about 3.5, a solid b if you will. But up from the solid c that he's been for recent years. And this correlates very very tightly with asking himself a related question, James, what's your level of joy life peace and love?

As reported recently, the tooth can't be saved, it needs to be extracted, but James has become convinced that a deep cleaning will help protect the teeth that are left, and in the event that he keeps losing teeth, by going to Mexico for the affordable cleaning, not affordable here, he expects to establish an ongoing relationship returning there maybe once a year and wants to explore an implant or two. Only cares about is being able to stay functional and that requires taking in fuel in that requires chewing. If he loses even a few more teeth that's going to be close to impossible. He's brushing twice a day for more than 2 minutes, flossing twice a day, fluoride rinse. Being very responsible but there were those years during the hunger strikes when he didn't expect to live and neglected his teeth as a consequence. His research indicates that Mexico is 40% of the unsubsidized price here in the United States, and his social security is right at the level where there is no subsidy. And all of his research indicates that just over the border near Mexicali, the quality of care is very high. medical tourism, they depend upon it, and therefore they protect the reputation so I'm expecting that it makes a lot of sense. It'll take us a couple of weeks to get there and then a day or two for service and then we'll continue on. At least that's the plan. 

Oh, and as of this morning even the links on the sidebar at the right of this blog and Jesian.org seem now to be working. Please advise if you have any trouble. Thanks. James


All the Builders of Creator's Kingdom on earth have marginalized themselves. A price they can't resist paying for the joy of it.

 A fellow that's been very nice to this mission innocently posted something on his timeline. I have no idea what he had in mind with his post. But it struck a chord in me and I'm grateful for that.

Monday, January 16, 2023

If we're in the image of Creator, which of course we are.....

 If we're created in the image of Creator, which of course we are..... then the more we understand creator, the more we understand ourselves, the more we can be as we were designed, the more joy, peace, love, and life we can expect to have. And that's my experience of it. James

Article. Ethical teaching of the Old testament.

The Ethical Teaching of the Old Testament

www.journals.uchicago.edu › doi › pdf

R. BERRY, PH.D., ... Old Testament ; the ethical teaching on different occasions was ... Professor George H. Palmer' defines ethics as "a criticism of.


Saturday, January 14, 2023



    Slogging through the project of beginning to understand Jesus foundation. About 20% of the way through the definitive Abraham Hassel, prophets, book, 500 plus pages. It's a bit disheartening to realize what a tribal cult low-level morality mess it all was. And if it is a higher level of morality then achieved in other parts of the world and other times I suppose that's all the more discouraging.
  • Was intending to commence building a spare front wheel and realized that maybe there is a flaw in the last several wheels built, that the longer spokes should be on the outside, not the inside. Spent some time today trying to track down how it should be and indeed it seems that longer spokes on the outside is correct. Expecting to spend the day tomorrow getting a good start on building a new wheel.
  • It was determined that the tooth that broke several weeks ago is beyond repair, it needs to be extracted. And confirmed that sometime in the next 6 months or a year deep cleaning which is four times $250 here in the States, should take place. Attempting to find out what the prices are in just over the border in Mexico. Expecting to commence that journey sometime in the next week or so.
  • At least five times a day and sometimes more frequently at a random interval going through the instrument panel depicted below to attempt to keep my intensity of joy, life, peace, and love high and indeed it is proving to be extremely helpful. This being my personal synthesis and distillation of Jesus 1,000 teachings which I'm only beginning to sufficiently study and master, many months ahead, but this is a really useful distillation and guidance system for me now.

  • A central theme is coming through to me through practicing all this. What creator, the universe, wants, and rewards with joy is, trying to spend one's life on good just as fast as one can. Even if, especially if, one doesn't really know what to do. Somehow my saintly father who I adore, withstood my incredible non-performance all through my mid-teen years, with the steadfast desire that I do my best. And now I see that that's what creator wants, all creator wants, from any of us. The only thing we can do to please creation and creator. Every breath.

Jesus was a Jewish prophet. Nobody seems to have considered this.

 How was he the same? How was he different? What was his new conception of Creator, and what creator wanted of and for us? I can't find anyone that's even thought about this. Confirming what I see so far, we don't care what Jesus had to say, well it's worse than that, we don't like what he said, but we saw powerful brand so ever since we have been perverting it into what we want it to be. The rest is history.

Friday, January 13, 2023

My friend Robert in Canada told me about this.


Why 99.999% of Christians don't make it into the kingdom.

What could be more self-exalting, sinful, than what every single Christian does: well, I know Jesus said that, but what he really meant was.... goes to exalt themselves will be a based. Be gone for me you doers of iniquity.

Totally serious: few people would want to live in the Kingdom of god.

 To to almost all it would be boring as, well, attempting nothing but good every breath. That's who goes there. All the rest just die. From my earliest memories I felt like an alien on earth, no credit to me, no discredit to anyone else. I don't think I'd feel alien there or be recognized as alien. I'm also sure that there's no such thing, but shockingly I find living in my imagination as though there is really helpful in guiding each of my steps on the path of joy, peace, love, and intense life. I Think Jesus would agree with all that I've said.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

A Joy hack you can try! Eating out.

Here's the joy hack you can try, turning a mundane meal out into a joyful experience.

1. Pick a place with a tipped wait staff.

2. Look at the menu and decide what you want.

3. Instead of ordering that get something at a vastly lower price.

4. For the joy of it, give the difference as a very large tip.

With a spare resources that I have, this gives me no end of joy.

With my very limited resources I need to try and target them at people that really can be helped and that tends to be ones that are working really hard to help themselves and those around them. And that tends to be wait staff.

Humble. OH! It just hit me. The humility Jesus called for....


Humble. OH! It just hit me. The humility Jesus called for was what he displayed in himself and we never display. Humble, listening with excruciating care to Creator within us. Regarding Jesus not one in a million Christians do that. If that many. Verse after verse after verse after verse... Oh, what Jesus meant was...!!! Incredible blindness, arrogance, self-exaltation, insanity. Jesianjames.org 

Excavating Jesus out from underneath 2000 years of dirt.

 The purpose of this site, the purpose of me being born I think. What a pitiful instrument, but I'm all I've got.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

The two options: Soul in charge. HeadFlesh in charge.

 No person can serve to masters, they will love the one and hate the other, or hold to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve Creator(Soul in charge. Joy.) and mammon(HeadFlesh in charge. DeathPlsureHappnss). 

When I win the lottery.

 Joy comes from, and only from, serving from the soul in solidarity the neediest, by whatever words are none. That's what I want to use all of it for. Slightly increasing the amplitude of folks like you, guaranteed minimum income for abused populations including some that you would know of, and spreading the truth that switching the economy from consuming for happiness and pleasure, instead over to Joy which comes only from contributing, those are the basic thrusts.

Doing dishes. A profoundly joyful opportunity I have found.

This '71-year-old corporate executive, James, has always found doing dishes incredibly joyful. Serving, from the soul, in solidarity, is what is intrinsically joyful, by whatever words or none.What a uniquely powerful way of expressing love, of being loving. Pure Joy. I've never been more serious. The problem is that we have no idea what loving is. Lusting is all we know. 


Joy. This is what it looks like. Why do you keep having time for the happiness and pleasure of selfishness??!? Stop it! That's just stupid.

Joy. Every breath that you attempt to serve in solidarity from the soul, the neediest. It is salvation. Everything else is hell. You're just not seeing it yet.


Monday, January 9, 2023

Technical issues

 Not sure why the photo Link at the right is misdirecting, but at least today, it is and this link should work.

Jesian log 010923

  •  In my imagination, working for those already in heaven of my imagining, in such a way that I gain their approval, looking to delight them, looking to have them consider me one of them.
  • Why Jesian? Because Jesusian and Jes'ian are two cumbersome.
  • I understand this to be Jesus religion that I am reestablishing. 
  • James earlier writings on this subject can be found at this link. Startloving.org, his primary blog all these years up until now.
  • Not knowing

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Heaven, as it emerges to me from my immersion in Jesus teachings.

 I don't believe in anything after this life, it's game over. But I find it useful to imagine that there is to increase the life intensity, joy, love and peace in this life.

It's becoming clear to me that what Jesus had in mind was two groups that wind up in the kingdom of God on earth after their physical death.

Who belongs in the kingdom of God on earth, among the others there? Who does Jesus, Creator, those already there want among them?

1. Those individuals that had a lousy life on their first go round and just could not have done any better. Their environments were so deadly that they were trapped in misery. 

2. Those individuals of basic goodness, for whatever reason, goodness like that of Jesus, and the saints, be they known or in most cases unknown and unrecognized.

And who doesn't get to go?

A. Those that hoarded a pleasurable material life on this Earth.

B. Those that made a life tormenting others.

C. Those, the clergy of all religions, that foisted a grotesque substitute for goodness, for their own pleasure.

And these last three groups, by any historical measure Jesus had no idea of a place of torment. He simply saw that they would cease to exist and would not go to the heavenly Kingdom of God on earth. They already had their reward.

My experiment with Jesian

Quite sure most of my posting will be at this site from now on. You may wish to subscribe using the widget at the right hand side of this blog.

 The man jesus, I adored, I revered, from my earliest memories as a young Catholic. In retrospect, through my unhappy, grotesque in its material overprivilege, youth, strongly on the autistic spectrum is my guess, I adored my saintly father, the man Jesus, nature, skiing, singing, performing , and sailing. And as to Jesus and my saintly dad, I perceived that they had the most enviable lives, joyful, through every breath services best they knew.

My late teen years, hormones, societal demands, and mutual repulsion between the church and me Jesus got left behind, not rejected ever, but left behind.

When 26 years of doing it culture's way, successful business career, nuclear family that had pretty much terminated all relationship to dad, to say the least, and most importantly a world that was crying out to James in agony as it is clearly screaming off the cliff into the abyss, James figure out what you can do to help, his study as he left industry brought Jesus back toward the center. Why? The center of James study, The Rock on which he helped three dependents develop, and on which he built a successful business career, was the capacity for and generation of human joy, and his study caused him to ReDiscover that Jesus and a few associated with him literally the search term for Joy brought them up more than anyone else.

The last 23 years has been a quest to master joy, that he might help others find the same. Tho this started in earnest when becoming a biological father. And although a difficult journey, he's made steady progress and all of those years he Envys no one in history for his level of joy, peace, love and life intensity.

But his ability to help others remains frustratingly miniscule. And the examples through history that he most reveres, especially Jesus, I think they've had a little more, if more at all, success. Oh there's a billion person fan club for the gross impersonator of Jesus foisted on people by the so-called church, but for the real man? No one takes him seriously. Not then, not now.

No one? Lsgiabeing.com, a site created by James about 4 years ago, includes a handful that have been inspired and formed by the man Jesus to what James perceives as hugely enviable lives. Of joy. But in 2000 years not more than one in a million. That's a pretty dismal track record. And the reason is that our capacity to lust for what culture offers in the material world is overwhelming for almost all of us. We're dying for more examples like Jesus.

But not for all of us. Not for some pointed to at that site just mentioned, and not for James. No credit to them, no credit to James, no discredit to anyone else. Discredit to a culture that is overwhelmingly populated by those that as Jesus said, "they do not hear or see for fear they will be converted and have to change their ways." It's a terrible thing.

But if there are one in a million that have achieved the joy that Jesus died to try and give many, it is because he and a few others gave their lives to try and be and show the path, for the joy of it, James is quite  convinced.

And now James with greater clarity than ever given dedicated study this last month and a half of the 1000 teachings of Jesus of how to be like him, a beloved child of Creator, James intensity of joy, love, life, and peace is steadily increasing. And much more importantly he thinks that he is on a path to become more likely of helping the rare soul he might encounter that still has some life left, enough to thirst for a different way than our culture offers, our culture and the hideous Church

This notion of Jesian, being like Jesus, rather having a being, a way of being, like Jesus, is new to James within the next last four or six weeks. He'll be surprised if it is not the scaffolding for his life efforts for as many breaths as he's given in the future.

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