Monday, January 9, 2023

Jesian log 010923

  •  In my imagination, working for those already in heaven of my imagining, in such a way that I gain their approval, looking to delight them, looking to have them consider me one of them.
  • Why Jesian? Because Jesusian and Jes'ian are two cumbersome.
  • I understand this to be Jesus religion that I am reestablishing. 
  • James earlier writings on this subject can be found at this link., his primary blog all these years up until now.
  • Not knowing where it will lead but sensing that it is the most strategic thing to do right now, James is attempting to make the 500 most strategic teachings of Jesus by his ranking, internal to him, that can be recalled, that can be recited. What will the benefit of this be? What he hopes is that he will get closer to Jesus, closer to understanding what he had discovered, and I suspect that will occur. Beyond that it could make him much more useful in the occasional interchange with those that inquire.
  • It seems more likely than not that he will be traveling to Mexico beginning mid next week, and approximately 10-day trip, to get $2,500 worth of us Dental work, a crown and scaling, for approximately $500. So he's preparing the study materials for the just mentioned 500 most strategic of Jesus teachings so that using his Android to prompt him he can attempt to make those teachings such that they are internalized and he can recite them. All of this in the same way that James throughout his adulthood has tried to find the few most important useful souls and Minds in whatever Pursuit he had and to make the best part of what they had to offer part of himself.

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