Saturday, January 7, 2023

Heaven, as it emerges to me from my immersion in Jesus teachings.

 I don't believe in anything after this life, it's game over. But I find it useful to imagine that there is to increase the life intensity, joy, love and peace in this life.

It's becoming clear to me that what Jesus had in mind was two groups that wind up in the kingdom of God on earth after their physical death.

Who belongs in the kingdom of God on earth, among the others there? Who does Jesus, Creator, those already there want among them?

1. Those individuals that had a lousy life on their first go round and just could not have done any better. Their environments were so deadly that they were trapped in misery. 

2. Those individuals of basic goodness, for whatever reason, goodness like that of Jesus, and the saints, be they known or in most cases unknown and unrecognized.

And who doesn't get to go?

A. Those that hoarded a pleasurable material life on this Earth.

B. Those that made a life tormenting others.

C. Those, the clergy of all religions, that foisted a grotesque substitute for goodness, for their own pleasure.

And these last three groups, by any historical measure Jesus had no idea of a place of torment. He simply saw that they would cease to exist and would not go to the heavenly Kingdom of God on earth. They already had their reward.

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