Saturday, January 7, 2023

My experiment with Jesian

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 The man jesus, I adored, I revered, from my earliest memories as a young Catholic. In retrospect, through my unhappy, grotesque in its material overprivilege, youth, strongly on the autistic spectrum is my guess, I adored my saintly father, the man Jesus, nature, skiing, singing, performing , and sailing. And as to Jesus and my saintly dad, I perceived that they had the most enviable lives, joyful, through every breath services best they knew.

My late teen years, hormones, societal demands, and mutual repulsion between the church and me Jesus got left behind, not rejected ever, but left behind.

When 26 years of doing it culture's way, successful business career, nuclear family that had pretty much terminated all relationship to dad, to say the least, and most importantly a world that was crying out to James in agony as it is clearly screaming off the cliff into the abyss, James figure out what you can do to help, his study as he left industry brought Jesus back toward the center. Why? The center of James study, The Rock on which he helped three dependents develop, and on which he built a successful business career, was the capacity for and generation of human joy, and his study caused him to ReDiscover that Jesus and a few associated with him literally the search term for Joy brought them up more than anyone else.

The last 23 years has been a quest to master joy, that he might help others find the same. Tho this started in earnest when becoming a biological father. And although a difficult journey, he's made steady progress and all of those years he Envys no one in history for his level of joy, peace, love and life intensity.

But his ability to help others remains frustratingly miniscule. And the examples through history that he most reveres, especially Jesus, I think they've had a little more, if more at all, success. Oh there's a billion person fan club for the gross impersonator of Jesus foisted on people by the so-called church, but for the real man? No one takes him seriously. Not then, not now.

No one?, a site created by James about 4 years ago, includes a handful that have been inspired and formed by the man Jesus to what James perceives as hugely enviable lives. Of joy. But in 2000 years not more than one in a million. That's a pretty dismal track record. And the reason is that our capacity to lust for what culture offers in the material world is overwhelming for almost all of us. We're dying for more examples like Jesus.

But not for all of us. Not for some pointed to at that site just mentioned, and not for James. No credit to them, no credit to James, no discredit to anyone else. Discredit to a culture that is overwhelmingly populated by those that as Jesus said, "they do not hear or see for fear they will be converted and have to change their ways." It's a terrible thing.

But if there are one in a million that have achieved the joy that Jesus died to try and give many, it is because he and a few others gave their lives to try and be and show the path, for the joy of it, James is quite  convinced.

And now James with greater clarity than ever given dedicated study this last month and a half of the 1000 teachings of Jesus of how to be like him, a beloved child of Creator, James intensity of joy, love, life, and peace is steadily increasing. And much more importantly he thinks that he is on a path to become more likely of helping the rare soul he might encounter that still has some life left, enough to thirst for a different way than our culture offers, our culture and the hideous Church

This notion of Jesian, being like Jesus, rather having a being, a way of being, like Jesus, is new to James within the next last four or six weeks. He'll be surprised if it is not the scaffolding for his life efforts for as many breaths as he's given in the future.

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