Saturday, January 14, 2023



    Slogging through the project of beginning to understand Jesus foundation. About 20% of the way through the definitive Abraham Hassel, prophets, book, 500 plus pages. It's a bit disheartening to realize what a tribal cult low-level morality mess it all was. And if it is a higher level of morality then achieved in other parts of the world and other times I suppose that's all the more discouraging.
  • Was intending to commence building a spare front wheel and realized that maybe there is a flaw in the last several wheels built, that the longer spokes should be on the outside, not the inside. Spent some time today trying to track down how it should be and indeed it seems that longer spokes on the outside is correct. Expecting to spend the day tomorrow getting a good start on building a new wheel.
  • It was determined that the tooth that broke several weeks ago is beyond repair, it needs to be extracted. And confirmed that sometime in the next 6 months or a year deep cleaning which is four times $250 here in the States, should take place. Attempting to find out what the prices are in just over the border in Mexico. Expecting to commence that journey sometime in the next week or so.
  • At least five times a day and sometimes more frequently at a random interval going through the instrument panel depicted below to attempt to keep my intensity of joy, life, peace, and love high and indeed it is proving to be extremely helpful. This being my personal synthesis and distillation of Jesus 1,000 teachings which I'm only beginning to sufficiently study and master, many months ahead, but this is a really useful distillation and guidance system for me now.

  • A central theme is coming through to me through practicing all this. What creator, the universe, wants, and rewards with joy is, trying to spend one's life on good just as fast as one can. Even if, especially if, one doesn't really know what to do. Somehow my saintly father who I adore, withstood my incredible non-performance all through my mid-teen years, with the steadfast desire that I do my best. And now I see that that's what creator wants, all creator wants, from any of us. The only thing we can do to please creation and creator. Every breath.

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