Thursday, January 19, 2023

Important update. We're moving on

As early as tomorrow morning the Sol and I are moving on, it's been a longer stay than expected, have gotten a much better closeness to understanding Jesus and through him creator, and have prepared a rather massive reading list, months probably, pursuant to the task.

Sol with a broken axle, and James with very sick lungs,  was laid low but those two months November and December were spent parsing and beginning to study the thousand teachings of Jesus found in the standard gospel but buried under all the dogma and mysticism and other stuff. Http:// Mastering those thousand teachings, making them part of me, so that they are more accessible to me, is maddeningly frustrating but much work has been done so that while I'm traveling in the coming weeks and months I can make that the most important part of my learning process.

Several weeks ago creator began to take some mercy and a pattern began to emerge to James as to what Jesus calls us to do, and because James senses earliest days since the Jesus was correct, and is more sure every day that goes on, James now greedily works to keep himself on that macro path that emerge from his study recently, in its current form below. And it random prompted by his Android during the day, as many as a dozen times a day, and sometimes only three or four, he'll go through this list and rate himself from -5 to +5, is general rating is about 3.5, a solid b if you will. But up from the solid c that he's been for recent years. And this correlates very very tightly with asking himself a related question, James, what's your level of joy life peace and love?

As reported recently, the tooth can't be saved, it needs to be extracted, but James has become convinced that a deep cleaning will help protect the teeth that are left, and in the event that he keeps losing teeth, by going to Mexico for the affordable cleaning, not affordable here, he expects to establish an ongoing relationship returning there maybe once a year and wants to explore an implant or two. Only cares about is being able to stay functional and that requires taking in fuel in that requires chewing. If he loses even a few more teeth that's going to be close to impossible. He's brushing twice a day for more than 2 minutes, flossing twice a day, fluoride rinse. Being very responsible but there were those years during the hunger strikes when he didn't expect to live and neglected his teeth as a consequence. His research indicates that Mexico is 40% of the unsubsidized price here in the United States, and his social security is right at the level where there is no subsidy. And all of his research indicates that just over the border near Mexicali, the quality of care is very high. medical tourism, they depend upon it, and therefore they protect the reputation so I'm expecting that it makes a lot of sense. It'll take us a couple of weeks to get there and then a day or two for service and then we'll continue on. At least that's the plan. 

Oh, and as of this morning even the links on the sidebar at the right of this blog and seem now to be working. Please advise if you have any trouble. Thanks. James


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