Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Heartbreaking. Tragic. Christianity has totally saved the human species from the morality that could have saved it.


A nice Young woman, and a middle-aged male stopped as I was working on the vehicle in the parking lot. Drawn by what they assumed the words and the iconography on the vehicle represented. Turns out they are devout christians. It remains beyond my comprehension how the greatest moral author in history, jesus, is nothing more than a sacrificial lamb, literally a piece of flesh and blood, a dumb beast, inanimate stage prop, that was sacrificed so that they can get a condo in the sky for eternity. These were genuinely nice people. We spoke for probably half an hour. Of the thousand and ten prescriptions that Jesus gave us for how to live joyfully none of them held 1 oz of weight with them. Only something made up by John 100 years later, profess Jesus is your lord and savior and then run with by Paul and others, powerful Disciples of the scribes and Pharisees. The rest is history. Madness. 

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