Thursday, August 17, 2023

Sir, what were you looking to charge?

 101°, why we haven't died I don't quite understand. Apparently it's not our time. Sitting at a nice rest stop but no outside Outlets like the 120 miles back. And with all the smoke are charging is cut by 30%. Getting to Billings tomorrow would be nice because there's a better chance of getting the service we need on this failing wheel. It so happens there is a maintenance guy here, he stopped his truck, asked about the vehicle. Later I went in and commented how nice it would have been if this were like the rest stop 20 miles back with outside outlets. 20 minutes later he took the trouble to come over and say, sir, what was it you were looking to charge? I've got a hundred foot worth of extension cord, he said, between the sinks there's an electrical outlet. It might work out. It might enable us to get to Billings by mid-morning. But what it definitely has done is feed my soul. Almost no one acts with generosity and kindness. Throwing crumbs yes. Generosity and kindness, oh it's so rare. What a nice fellow. Aligned with creator.

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