Thursday, July 13, 2023

The mission that a lifetime has been developing me for.

The answer has been hiding in plain sight. But only this morning, before dawn, did my lifelong obsession come to a point, come together, come to a clarity. Christianity has appalled me, from my earliest memory, but Jesus has drawn me like no other individual in history as he has drawn many extraordinary Souls like Dorothy day, bonhoeffer, tolstoy, Walter Rausch & bush, Martin Luther King jr..... 

He taught and practiced a religion, and it wasn't christianity, and we've never tried it. That's a problem. That's a missed opportunity. And all this time it's been hiding in plain sight, right there in the non mystical non-dogmatic instructions and examples in the gospels. Not the stuff added after he died.

Who knows what would have happened if we had not diverted from his religion to Christianity? Who knows what will happen if some of us try to resurrect it and practice it in our own lives which means living so that we can Inspire others to do the same.

His body wasn't cold before for whatever well intended or awful blind reasons a new religion developed in the place of his, starting with mary, the women at the tomb, the so-called apostles, paul, john, John with revelations, constantine, the popes, luther, Calvin, virtually every preacher, every pastor, every priest all speaking in his name which he warned us about and said should never be allowed to happen. And it's all that's happened. Well I do my part to try and stop that now.

This morning his religion began a resurrection. How far will it go? Probably not far. Maybe it'll be killed again, in the crib. Like the first time. That's not for me to know.

What is for me to do starting now is to do my part of giving it a chance for rebirth, for resurrection.

All the appropriate domain names to do with Jesianity were purchased this morning. How telling that they were available? . com,.org,. Info . info is the one I will use, and the others were purchased to preclude some easy messing with the effort.

I won't be surprised if within a matter of days the website is constructed. And if it is clever, if it is creative, if it speaks for Jesus then it is no different than what we've been doing for 2,000 years. I don't think it will fail in that way. You must tell me if it does.

Speaking with a farmer that owns a massive property in This Magnificent part of the country the other day, nice fellow, about my age, climate destruction came up and he said oh how wonderful if there was a technology that would have saved the planet. Something came into my mind instantly that he said that and I shared it. We've had that technology for thousands of years. It's the teaching of jesus. Do not lay up Treasures on Earth. And why are we destroying earth? Because our religion is laying up Treasures on Earth rather than in the spirit and soul of our fellow creatures. shows prominently on this wonderful miraculous vehicle. As soon as replacement vinyl can be ordered those website names will be papered over with there is nothing at that site yet.

By next Friday my new uniform should arrive that I will wear over my existing black clothing to conserve on expense.

My task is to attempt to replant the seed. To replant the seed. It is infinitely Beyond me to know what consequence that will have. No more success than Jesus had I suspect. Objectively, factually, total failure. Aside from the obvious which is it could increase the odds that I'll be killed. As he was, for much the same reasons . No, I'm not feeling at all aggrandized. Lol. Which concerns me not at all except I would like to put the rest of my time, quite a bit I hope, are you listening creator? I would like to put the rest of my time into planning those seeds.

I expect that I will receive no help, no collaboration. Only being ignored, and maybe violently opposed. But I'll start saying now, help and collaboration is desperately needed of all types if well intended, well grounded, humbly provided from the soul. If only to review the materials and provide input. And if it's constructive, including saying, james, that's the wrong thing for you to attempt and this is why.

It seems to me at the moment quite clear that the method that I've used for planting seeds, this wonderful vehicle at a slow Crawl Through the country is an excellent vehicle for planting these seeds. The thought of resuming a 47 or 48 state tour occurs to me. I don't know that that's necessary, it would be much more strenuous, arduous, dangerous, exhausting, expensive, risky... I've just dropped down to 18 or 20 miles a day. But I'll keep it under advisement.

Of course all this is contingent upon the mosquitoes not killing me first. And they're winning so far.

The formation of this can be seen on what has been my active website for the last 3 4 5 months: and I expect to be using that site to prototype, really to refine, the content that is on that site and the root of everything,

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