Saturday, July 15, 2023

Epiphany. Paradigm. Christianity and Jesianity.


Epiphany. Paradigm. Christianity and Jesianity.

Jesus was too brilliant to be ignored. People could not ignore him.

They had to reckon with his existence, they had to make it something that they understood.

The truth of Jesus was and Beyond the imagination of all but one in a million people. Those who still had a substantial life in their soul, their Holy Spirit was somewhat intact. And they were and are the sheep that here is voice, although his voice has been silenced for 2,000 years. Hence this effort to resurrect his voice, Jesianity.

But the all but one in a million, their souls comatose, their head and flesh fully in charge, see it a different way. It must be about material gratification, a condo in the sky after this one. No requirement to change our life now, just to say some magic words, I profess Jesus as my Lord and savior, thank you for your blood dear jesus.

It's pretty grim. A very grim outlook. Unlike the Paradigm above which is a mental exercise that with a little bit of prodding people can see it both ways, there is such a gigantic bias the way we have been corrupted in our upbringing in our cultures toward head and flesh being gratified, Soul be damned, that the likelihood of switching that second individual in a million towards seeing Jesus paradigm, it's just not going to happen.

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