Saturday, July 8, 2023

Born again, for the umpteenth time.

The executive whose company I was reorganizing said, james, I reviewed your history, you reinvent yourself every couple of years throughout your adulthood. Upon reflection I realized he was correct.

And thank goodness it continues. This morning in my study verse came up, do not Marvel that I say that you must be born again. And for the first time I felt I understood and embraced that idea. It's what I do. It is said that the fish are the last ones to discover water. Glub glub.

Jesus said, unless you convert and become as a little child you will not enter the kingdom.

TThroughout my life I have found children to be the only population human of which I feel kin. And just the other day I realized that children if they're young enough are the product not of we humans, but of creation itself, of creator. And then in the name of what we think best we destroy that nature in our children.

Jesus notion of rebirth is that we must emerge from that destruction, reborn as the child like we were created. Wonder awe humility Joy life before we are taught to think that stuff is life.

I find myself devoting each breath recently attempting to be reborn as the human that Jesus instructed and showed me to be. For the collective joy and life of it. That will take me the rest of my years no matter how many I have though I think I can get most of the way through the birth canal in a matter of months if I maintain my focus.

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