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***** And why call me, Lord, Lord, and not do the things I say?... and what did he say to do?

 And why call me, Lord, Lord, and not do the things I say?... and what did he say to do?

This is now the most important document that I know of. It is an honest unbiased tedious attempt to distill Jesus instructions in the Gospels to the shortest possible list and still be complete. I expect this to be the centerpiece of my personal study for many days weeks and months ahead. Until I master recall and become pretty good at practice. For the joy of it.

Note: # below indicates where I admit to myself that I may, or may not, but I may have taken some Liberty with Jesus meaning. I think not but it's possible. In many of those cases and even elsewhere in this document, I took the Judgment when Jesus said we were to follow him, we were to pick up his yoke, I interpret that to mean we are to become like him in spirit and being. Therefore when he spoke of things that he was doing himself, I take that to mean that i, and anyone, is to become one that does the same thing.


1Be humble.
2Be pure of heart. 
3Be a peacemaker. 
4Be righteous. 
5Be just.
6Be merciful.
7Be forgiving.
8Keep Jesus' words.
9Do the will of the father 
10Do unto others all things whatsoever you would have them do unto you.
11Be repentant.
12Keep your eye pure.
13Give your entire life to the neediest. To those who are hungry, sick, thirsting, in prison....
14Be, authentically, not acting or of pretence.
15Preach repentance.
16Preach the gospels.
17Turn the other cheek.
18Give to those who cannot repay you.
19Do good, avoid doing evil, inequity, offense of Creator.
20Seek first the kingdom of god.
21Make your food doing Creator's will.
22Seek the honor that can only come from God. Not that from man
23Be compassionate.
24Be meek and lowly.
25Love your enemy.
26Do good to those who persecute you.
27Turn the other cheek.
28Know all Jesus words, keep them. Shout them from the rooftop.
29Make of your heart the good tree.
30First make your own eye pure so you can help others.
31Ask for the holy spirit.
32Go on the narrow path.
33Guard your soul.
34Seek the kingdom of God within yourself.
35Take in the stranger.
36Be about the father's business.
37Do not disbelieve jesus' Words.
38Cast out unclean spirits.
39Deny yourself. Take up your cross daily.
40Take up Jesus yoke and learn from him.
41Do not follow those who come in Jesus name.
42Lose your life for the sake of the gospels.
43Do not resist evil.
44Do not lay up treasures on earth.
45Heed your conscience.
46# Do not judge except how you want to be judged.
47Do not be influenced by the princes of worldliness and ambition.
48# Use your talent, your understanding of Jesus words, wisely, and more will be given.
49Be the true light which enlightens everyone.
50Cast out unclean spirits.
51Be one of the few laborers alongside Jesus.
52Let your peace come upon places, if they are worthy.
53# Serve your goodness to the evil and to the good.
54# Beware of those that do not dwell in the kingdom, and will prevent you from doing so also.
55# Be a good person, so that out of the good treasure of your heart, comes forth good things.
56Do good to those who hate you.
57Judge by what is just, not by appearances.
58Be the good neighbor.
59Be the servant of all.
60Do not reject the commandments of God in order to keep your own tradition.
61Turn the other cheek.
62Have the spirit of the father speak through you.
63# Learn the spirit of the lord, with authority.
64# Speak such that if they hear you they hear Jesus.
65Love Jesus by keeping his word.
66# At every moment do the work that Jesus showed us.
67Seek the glory of Creator.
68# Share Jesus teachings so that his Joy may be in you and those who hear.
69Avoid false prophets.
70Avoid all that speak in Jesus name.
71Love God with your whole heart soul mind and strength. Love your brother as yourself.
72# Have a warm, soft, open heart.
73Deny yourself, take up your cross daily, and follow Jesus.
74Fear not those who can kill the body but not the soul.
75Testify that the ways of the world are evil.
76Baptize with the holy spirit.
77Serve that they might have life and have it more abundantly. #
78# Serve such that if any man thirsts he might come to Jesus and drink.
79# Be the light of the world that those that follow you will walk not in darkness but in the light of Jesus.
80# Protect the sheep with your very life. (And the goats also).
81Love those who do not love you.
82# Embrace that your Father now, is God or satan. Moment by moment, Choose wisely.
83Do the will of Creator as you would in heaven.
84Choose your soul, over gaining the whole world.
85Live not to bring peace, but a sword.
86# Be such that if they know you, they know Jesus, and they know Creator.
87# Live so that the world knows that you love the father and do as the father commands you.
88# So that the father will not leave you alone, always do what pleases him.
89Remember that the spirit is life, the flesh means nothing.
90Be rich toward god, do not lay up treasure for yourself.
91Greet all, not just friends.
92Sit at Jesus feet, and hear his words.
93# Remember that Jesus love abides only with those that keep his words.
94# Lose your life for the sake of the gospels.
95# Accept being persecuted for righteousness sake.
96Exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees.
97# Seek for Creator, your soul, your Holy Spirit, to rule over you.
98Live the truth, come to the light of your deeds may be a reflection of creator.
99Remember that your words will justify or condemn you.
100Live not by bread but by every word of god.
101Be among the just, not the wicked.
102Ask for the holy spirit.
103Have the spirit of Truth in you.
104Stand by Jesus as he is being attacked.
105Do not fall away, by temptation.
106Fo not take the sword or you shall perish by it.
107Be righteous and walk in all the commandments of the lord.
108Worship the Lord thy God and that only serve.
109Proceed forth and come from creator.
110Be such that if they love creator, they love you.
111B a conduit to the grace and truth of jesus.
112Do not lie.
113Be great in the sight of creator, filled with the Holy spirit.
114Enter in at the narrow gate.
115Be of the spirit, not the body, head, flesh.
116Be as an angel of God in heaven.
117Convert and become as little children.
118Dare not tell another to pick up a burden that you do not pick up yourself.
119If you have been given much, even more is demanded of you.
120# What you declare of yourself is meaningless abomination... son of Abraham, Christian... .
121Where there is unbelief, move along.
122If you do wicked Deeds you are of your father the devil.
123Speak about spirit and life.
124Be children of creator.
125Seek the glory of creator.
126# Have no concern about money.
127# Children of the spirit are controlled by it, they do not control it.
128# People love Darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil.
129Know all that Jesus has heard from creator, and thereby be his friend.
130Do not judge according to the flesh.
131Follow Jesus instructions, not the Commandments of men.
132Only those drawn by Creator can follow Jesus.
133# The kingdom only is to be found deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep within the person.
134# If your belief in Jesus is not based on 30 or 50 or 100 of his instructions examples in the Gospels, your belief is not in Jesus.
135Do not on the inside before of hypocrisy and iniquity.
136Not jesus, only the father in Heaven Knows the hour and the day.
137It is the power of the Lord upon you that can heal.
138Give your life as a ransom for many.
139All who came before Jesus are a thieves and robbers.
140Be a fisher of men.
141The greatest among you is the servant of all.
142Put in your whole living.

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