Saturday, June 24, 2023

James, what you're doing, is beyond ridiculous. His, I think rude and inappropriate, comment, forced...


James, what you're doing, is beyond ridiculous. His and other's, I think rude and inappropriate, comments, forced...

me to face this. 

By every objective measure it is.

After all these years there are no serious collaborators, funders, partners.... There are a few  moral supporters and they do help. 

The problem is, every alternative way I can think of spending my life and 2x poverty level resources, is even more ridiculous.

And until that changes, or somehow I am forced to find an alternative way to serve, I shall continue:

* pioneering, prototyping, the idea that Jesus showed us the perfect path, his teachings and example in the gospels. And everything added since or before is deadly pollution. Diluting the cure for joyless lifeless existence that he perfectly provided.

* discovering, given the limits of today's parts for such a thing, how to best implement an extraordinary extremely sustainable, extremely ethical material way of existing as represented by this wonderful living, serving, support vehicle.

* pioneering how to do so sustainably, everyday.

* learning quite rapidly, growing quite rapidly, everyday.

* keeping this 71-year-old stage 4 cancer surviving body as serviceable as possible for as long as possible, and learning how to do so better, on a pretty regular basis.

* and yes, teaching cooperation and respect mile by mile. And clearly many get little bits of the lesson, and some ignore it with rage but there's hope for them in that later on down the line. No question.

* in all this demonstrating how to live with 5 x the joy, and vitality on 10 or 1000 x less resources than most people have ever imagined possible. Including myself, most of my decades.

* thereby sharing, planting seeds, of everything that I learn, everything that I do, for others to learn from, to reject, to abandon, to ignore, to neglect, to ridicule, to embrace, to profit by.... Near certainly if imperceptibly accelerating, the growth of an individual soul here or there, and thereby our Collective growth.

For the joy of it. 


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