Thursday, February 16, 2023

Today was not the day we were supposed to die, despite all appearances. The fire, and....

 Today was not the day we were supposed to die, despite all appearances. The fire, and.... then the flat on the brief part of the 75 mph interstate that did not have a wide shoulder. This after several flats where it did. For safety sake, yes, for safety sake, we decided to take Interstate 10 rather than a previously carefully planned off Interstate route. Why? Large cities are really nasty and dangerous. And there's a long weekend ahead which provides a relatively safe time to get through phoenix. But it turns out I was lulled into a sense of security, it turns out there are clouds in the southwest. And adverse winds. And guess what we've got for the next 4 days? The fire was a controller cable, why? I'll never know. A standard connector that I think has been compromised I'm guessing now based on the symptoms for several months. And today it went. And mercifully the vehicle was not combusted in the meantime. And with some rewiring and Spares that are carried we got rolling again. 

There is so little kindness and goodness in the world, but at this truck stop I asked for the manager and she instantly sprang into action. She and the lady that are her facilities manager searched and searched and found me an ac plug. So the plan is early tomorrow morning to take the 13 miles of energy that we're collecting in the next hour and a half, and the 25 that we already had in the batteries, and to get as far as we can tomorrow before the headwinds, to then stop mid-morning and collect energy until we have enough, and then to see if we can get to the next place where we might be able to plug in. And that's what the next 5 days look like. I watch myself, a lot, amused much of the time, frustrated much of the time. For the 30 minutes on the side of that 75 mph Interstate with no shoulder, I watched myself with amusement and realized, I had no concern whether I was exterminated or not. I did my job. The rest was up to creator. I really like that. And yes I have the comfort of realizing it would be a clean kill. All I ask for, personally.

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